Mark Lodge Petonji Kapadia No. 35

Mark Masonry in Ahmedabad
After sustained efforts of nearly 2 years by the Masonic fraternity of Ahmedabad & by the keen interest taken by R.W. The Regional Grand Master of W.I., The Regional Grand Secretary & The ARGM, W.Bro. Tushar Zaveri, we were finally able to get the Mark Degree at Ahmedabad by the transfer of Mark Lodge Pestonji Kapadia No. 35 from Mumbai to Ahmedabad. The first meeting of the Mark Lodge Pestonji Kapadia No. 35 at Ahmedabad was held on 16th December 2006 and the breathtaking ceremony was conducted by the glittery of Freemasons from the Western Region which included M.W. Bro. Dilip D. Udeshi, OSM, V. W. Bro. B.D. Davar, R.W. Bro. Pervez Patel, R.W. Bro. F.F. Hyderabadwala, R.W. Bro. Adi Vakil, R. W. Bro. Zawareh Wadia, R.W. Bro. Dinesh Shroff, R.W. Bro. M.N. Gimi, W. Bro. A. A. Rangwala, W. Bro. Pradeep Pandya, W. Bro.  Tushar Zaveri along with W. Bro. Rajiv Sethi, W. Bro. Dr. Iqbal Hakim, W. Bro. Bhanu Dave, W. Bro. Suresh Mehra & W. Bro. Alok Mirhoutra.

During this meeting the ceremonies of advancement as also the Installation Ceremony was conducted. A total of 9 brethren were advanced to the Mark Degree in an extremely impressive ceremony & W. Bro. Dr. Iqbal Hakim was installed as the W.M.

The enthusiasm of the brethren was such that within the next 2 meetings the strength of the brethren touched 23. Moreover, since the Mark Lodge came to Ahmedabad in a defunct state the brethren came forward & contributed generously for the purchase of the furniture & Regalia. New By-Laws were framed & the meetings are now held on the 1st Friday of February, April, August, October & December.