Holy Royal Arch Masons

  1. Preamble:
    Ancient Craft Masonry was established in 625 A. D. and only operative masons were eligible for admission. Members were designated Apprentice, Fellow Craft or Master Masons depending on their length of service and skill manifested in their handicraft. Non-operative or speculative member's admittance in Craft Lodges was introduced sometimes in the middle of 18 th century. Thereafter the classification of 3 degrees in craft Lodges was established. Initiated were known as Entered Apprentice Freemasons (1 st Degree). As they progressed further they were promoted to higher degrees of Fellow Craft Free Masons (2nd Degree) and Master Masons (3 rd Degree). Rituals were formulated for initiation and promotions to higher Degrees.

  2. Royal Arch Masons - 4 th Degree
    4 th Degree of Royal Arch Masons was introduced around 1740 within the Craft Lodges. However, in 1813, Grand Lodge of Free and Ancient Masons of England constituted "Ancient Craft Masonry" consisting of 3 Degrees of Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master Masons and a separate entity known as chapter for the 4 th Degree of Royal Arch Masons.