Lodge Fellowship No. 140 GLI

It was in 1958 that Late Bro. Sakarlal N Shah conceived the idea of starting an additional lodge at Ahmedabad, and expressed the same to a few Brethren. At first it was proposed to open the lodge under the Irish constitution but owing to a few practical difficulties the lodge was consecrated on 04.03.1960 under the Scottish constitution as no. 1565 SC. Most of the members belonged either to Lodge Salem no. 563 SC or Lodge Hope & Sincerity No. 634 SC. Major General H.H. The Nawab of Rampur who later on went on to became the first Grand Master of the Grand lodge of India visited Ahmedabad on 3 rd October 1958 and expressed his desire to become a founder member of the the then proposed lodge and was thus made a founder member. R W H J Rushi who later went on to become the Grand Secretary, is our founder member from Lodge Hope & Sincerity no. 634 SC. The Lodge opted to join the GLI on 23.09.61 and was allotted no. 140 as a Foundation Lodge. The first Worshipful Master was Worshipful Bro. Sakarlal N Shah . The lodge celebrated its' silver jubilee in 1985. The ruling master in the silver jubilee year was Worshipful Bro. Mehmood R Desai. The ruling master of the lodge is W.Bro. Samir Desai